For parents

  • Your child is struggling to complete homework or assignments without assistance
  • You know your child is smart. They have an amazing imagination and are insightful, but this doesn’t seem to translate to success at school
  • Your child is falling further behind each year and no amount of tutoring or support seems to help
  • or your child is getting managing to keep up but it takes a lot of effort with no time for the things they enjoy
  • Your child is becoming anxious about going to school
  • Your child is becoming frustrated and this is turning into tears and behaviour issues at home or school

If you have answered YES to one or more of these statements then the arrowsmith program may be suitable for your child.If  your child:

The Arrowsmith student

  • is of average or above average intelligence
  • has learning difficulties
  • does not have emotional or behavioural disorders that affect his or her ability to participate in the Arrowsmith Program
  • does not have an acquired brain injury or severe intellectual or cognitive disorders (universal global delay, developmental delay, Down Syndrome, Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder)

For enrollment information or to book in for a preliminary assessment complete the forms on this page or send us an email