Expression of Interest or Enrolling

1. Learn about the Arrowsmith Program by reading through this site and the Arrowsmith Program site. Complete the online questionaire (15 minutes). This will give you an excellent insight into your child’s overall cognitive picture. This program is like no other program available and addresses the underlying deficits preventing your child from learning.

2. Download HCLA Parent Information 13.1.18

3. Book an appointment for initial interview & classroom visit

4. Meet with our staff and visit the classroom to discuss your child’s suitability

5. Book an assessment of suitability interview and classroom visit with the student

6. Complete enrolment form & pay an Initial deposit to enrol the student into the Arrowsmith suite of cognitive assessments

7. Arrowsmith Program Assessment:  This is a complex process and is done over two days

8.Meet with staff to discuss the results of the assessment and recommendations, report issued.

9.Enrolment in 1-5 modules


Commence in The Arrowsmith Program